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4/28/08 04:57 pm

Another view of Cuesta..

Weekend @ home.

Shabu House in SF.

4/24/08 05:58 pm - A thursday in April 2008

Snakebite - Guiness & Hard Cider. mmmmm. Sponsored by Haidi Luu.

Haidi taking her fries & Hefeweizen outside of Firestone in central downtown SLO.

Physics Lab after drinking. Great influence we are.

4/23/08 03:41 am - Another random blog of the daily life.

Cuesta College -- declared the 2nd nicest community college in the state of California.

Lecture Hall

Another night at JFK Library -- Cal Poly SLO with the ME crew.

My dinner for the night with my Macbook Pro.

4/16/08 12:58 am - The start of a new beginning...

Well I will try to blog more with pictures, thanks to the idea of my good friend. Well he's doing it, so I decided to too.

An interior view of Cecilia, she's a bit camera shy, yet a camera whore.

The day I paid 4.01 for 91 Unleaded gasoline at the newly renovated Chevron.

The process of refueling.


12/2/07 06:14 pm

Day 305 . 87

I can't stop thinking about her. She's so close yet so far. I haven't talked to her in a long time. I miss her voice. I miss those cuddling times.

Too bad I'm just not the one for her and I need to accept that.

I want to be happy.

10/25/07 06:54 pm

Day 256 . 46

You don't base relationships on how long they lasted, but how well they communicate.  You can date someone for 5 years and know nothing about them, while you can date someone for simply 2 months know about their whole life. It's all about communications, if either party choose to cooperate, then there is no point to trying. But of course when you date someone for so long, you will feel attached and it will simply just take you longer to detach from them. Of course there are special cases where some can easily detach from their loved ones emotionally overnight. They simply do that by finding that switch in their minds which many are not capable of finding so easily. Once you're attached for many, you just can't leave because your heart is meddling with your mind  You continuously hope that everything will turn for the best which many love stories portrays simply with some dramatic tragedy or such.

I love a girl I can't have.

Someone said to keep trying, do I really keep trying? What do I get in return?

10/21/07 08:30 pm

Day 261 . 51

Things really do happen when you least expect it.

When something seems to happen good, there's always something that will bring it back down.

There's so many things I want to express but at the same time it seems too much or what not. School is very depressing I must say. I must find something or something must find its way to me to make this bird happy again.

10/13/07 12:46 am

Day 253 . 43

It sucks not knowing when your efforts is actually doing you any good. You simply just hope and wait.

Every time bad news comes, I think about something I did bad in the past. It really bites and depressing.

Today was the first time I went to watch an event of a girl that I care about. Well 2nd time, but its the first time that I wanted to go to. The rain was just horrible. I felt bad that she had to run in that and wished that I was able to run it for her. I was proud that she finished it even when she knew she was going to puke. She's really cute when she tries. Her smile I can see miles away.

10/12/07 12:25 am

Day  252 . 42

Karma sucks ass.

I always lose.

this fucking hurts.

When the fuck will I win???  I never get what I truly want. I think every time I'm willing to put in my efforts I always lose, relationship-wise. When I somewhat want it, I get it easily. I'm really sick of this.

9/27/07 10:13 pm

I realize how cautious I am this time around. Why? Is it because I had it so bad last time realizing all the mistakes I did? I pretty much had a death star hoovering me.

I guess its a good thing of what happened in the past yr to make me realize so much and make a difference.
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